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At 8:38pm on July 21, 2020, Dr. A. D. Jackson said…

The need for effective citizen oversight of the judiciary as well as other problems with the justice system is well outlined.  For some unknown reason, the 10th Amendment is largely neglected. 


At 4:47pm on December 16, 2019, NFOJA Administration said…

There is no rule of law without meaningful citizen oversight. For those who figure our way takes too long . . .

At 6:39pm on November 18, 2019, NFOJA Administration said…

For appropriate judicial accountability in America, we Americans rely on government systems controlled by people who have little incentive to provide us appropriate judicial accountability. It’s imperative to reconcile that control with our U.S. Constitution’s delegation of power. Beyond some limited provisions for sovereign immunity, the power to insulate itself from accountability is not specifically delegated to U.S. state or federal government by our U.S. Constitution. So, government may seize upon that power in America, beyond our Constitution’s specific provisions for sovereign immunity, only to the extent necessary to properly function, i.e. function in accord with the Constitution. When U.S. government (which is different from rogue government agents) persists in exceeding those bounds, American citizens can collectively acquiesce to the situation or redress it by lawful means. Proper recourse does not include resorts to mob rule whereby “the people” control America’s judicial branches in disregard for the function(s) prescribed to and/or envisioned for them by our U.S. Constitution. Like it or not, as a group, lawyers and judges are very influential in defining that function or those functions — some lawyers/judges more than others.

At 3:43pm on November 8, 2019, NFOJA Administration said…

Word from our sister organization: Opt IN USA's annual report for 2019/2020 will chronicle the campaign's progress since the U.N. Human Rights Council determined in October 2018 that Opt IN USA's contentions are neither manifestly ill-founded nor reflective of a failure to exhaust domestic remedies.


Undoubtedly, persecution accomplished through organized U.S. legal system abuse can be tantamount to psychological torture. Opt IN USA endeavors to address the phenomenon in terms of America's international human rights treaty obligations. However, the task is difficult as Opt IN USA is a grassroots initiative with constituents whose wherewithal was substantially stripped through weaponizations of America's legal system over decades.

Despite its humble community support, the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights as well as the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA USA), through their various bodies and affiliates, continue to treat seriously Opt IN USA's concerns, as they should:

“Ill treatment . . . such as psychological manipulations, humiliating treatment, and forced stress positions, does not seem to be substantially different from physical torture in terms of the severity of mental suffering they cause, the underlying mechanism of traumatic stress, and their long-term psychological outcome. Thus, these procedures do amount to torture, thereby lending support to the prohibition by international law.”

Metin Başoğlu, MD, PhD; Maria Livanou, PhD; Cvetana Crnobarić, MD. (2007). "Torture vs Other Cruel, Inhuman, and Degrading Treatment: Is the Distinction Real or Apparent?". Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2007;64(3):277285.


At 3:37pm on November 8, 2019, NFOJA Administration said…

At 4:53pm on May 22, 2015, Darryl Harris said…
okay I'm on it
At 8:51pm on March 7, 2013, Kay Sieverding said…

I'm not sure exactly where and how to communicate the following for inclusion in the United Nations communication.  I understand that they don't want evidence of illegal oppression of individuals unless there are multiple victims. Thus, they are claiming that they don't want evidence of my being imprisoned with no evidentiary hearing, no criminal charge and no bail hearing, since this DOJ activity was unusual.  However, what I do have is emails to me from two different US Courts clerks explaining that there is a court policy of not allowing post judgment motions by pro se litigants.  That's a violation of the UN covenant I think as well as a violation of the Rules Enabling Act since these policies were not published for public comment or to warn pro se litigants. 

At 6:02am on February 24, 2010, Brandy Diane Knight said…
This case went to Federal Court because of some Constitutional issues regarding the spouse and he felt he was being conspired against. Alabama Federal Court didn't think so, I try to follow weird cases like this because these things matter when it comes to fair and impartial courts. The judge later stepped off the case handing it over to one of the judges below him either way the guy was screwed.

My parents appeared before the judge in this case on a property dispute, this judge yelled at my mom and dad calling them "liars" in open court. This judge has also been known to throw chairs at counsel and litigants. My parents are good hard working citizens and by no means did they deserve the treatment they got from this judge. I don't follow this particular judges cases, but when they involve two judges within the same county, same court system I do. These two judges share cases passing them back and fourth between each other. I don't understand the whole process of the judicial system, but I am learning. I think that it is important to everyone within our society to KNOW whether or not they are being shafted so they can do something about it early on before they have to put their homes up for sale in order to receive justice.
At 1:34pm on January 22, 2010, NFOJA Administration said…
Yes, you can complete our orientation and comprehensive training on the same day.

Hope to get your RSVP soon!

Thanks so much for your participation and support.

Zena Crenshaw-Logal
NFOJA Administrator

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