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Ira Scott

Ira Scott's daughter was reportedly kidnapped when she was 3 months old and taken out of the USA by her mother (a federal felony section 1204 title 18 USC) - an abduction facilitated by what Ira contends is the inept and corrupt family court system. Ira met Kash Jackson in Washington, D.C. on 9/11/16 and shortly thereafter became a formal member of Restoring Freedom. Ira, due to the work he does which in part involves working with those with encoded trauma(s), is very knowledgeable about The ACE Study and understands the cost in dollars and more importantly loss of life and the impact on ALL children due to the intergenerational transmission of adversity. Ira is working on getting his daughter returned to the USA and is committed to working on behalf of all children, the ultimate victims of a corrupt system, for restoring fundamental human rights and constitutional rights.

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