Given the COID-19 Pandemic, National Forum On Judicial Accountability’s operation is being adjusted to feature online training on effective public interest lobbying, ballot initiatives, direct citizen oversight, judicial election reform, and pursuit of reparations in America; plus, NFOJA will undoubtedly promote electronic signature drives and conduct CFOJAs through video conferencing software as well as host phone/video conferencing exclusively for NFOJA members.



Fall 2009 introduced to America our

Community Forums On Judicial Accountability

These free, approximately 1.5 hour sessions explore and expand upon the profound conclusion reached by a distinguished panel that “(r)estoring the Rule of Law when breached is an obligation of and should directly involve all Americans.”



NFOJA offers free online training for learning to: 

  • host a Community Forum On Judicial Accountability (CFOJA); 
  • document your exposure to The Third Degree or a similar denial of justice; 
  • identify patterns to the obstacles we face in our quests for relief -- even in our brutal losses.

NFOJA is cheering for its sister organization, Opt IN USA!

Opt IN USA's 2020 Delegation Steering Committee: 
* National Judicial Conduct  and Disability Law Project, Inc. (NJCDLP) @ www.njcdlp.org 
* JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) @ www.facebook.com/groups/jam2016 
* Louisiana United International, Inc. (LUI) @ www.launitedi.org 
* Americans Against Abusive Probate Guardianships (AAAPG) @ www.aaapg.net
The committee seeks a meeting with appropriate U.S. officials as a first step in America honoring its following obligations for all people literally persecuted as of approximately 1990 through persistent, organized, U.S. legal system abuse, facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct:
"The obligation to . . .
(a) Take appropriate legislative and administrative and other appropriate measures to prevent (these gross human rights) violations;
(b) Investigate (the alleged) violations effectively, promptly, thoroughly and impartially and, where appropriate, take action against those allegedly responsible in accordance with domestic and international law;
(c) Provide those who claim to be victims of (these violations) with equal and effective access to justice . . . irrespective of who may ultimately be the bearer of responsibility for the violation; and
(d) Provide effective remedies to victims, including reparation . . ."
To help, please sign these petitions calling for the referenced meeting with our delegation and/or email contactus@njcdlp.org to make arrangements to launch your own related petition geared for other special interest groups.
Learn more about Opt IN USA and "like" us on Facebook --
Your consideration is very much appreciated.  Thank you.


AS OF 2019


NFOJA has approximately 1700 members spread among this network and its Facebook group

Intro to NFOJA in Montana by our Co-Founder and Co-Administrator Dr. Zena Crenshaw-Logal


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Past Events

Please note that as of October 20, 2020, NFOJA will be shutting down its social network hosted by meetup.com.  Unfortunately, that means archives of many of our past Community Forums On Judicial Accountability as well as other NFOJA Meet Ups will no longer be accessible.  Archives of several other past gatherings are accessible via this Ning network, however.