7966133465?profile=originalHosting a Community Forum On Judicial Accountability (CFOJA) has many practical benefits and NFOJA members are simply not taking advantage of them nearly as much as we should.  Kindly consider these free perks . . .  

  • Our CFOJAs are presented as events, complete with online promotions and handouts for in-person distribution.  All that fanfare helps spark curiosity and excitement about the gathering.  Plus, it helps give people the sense they're becoming part of something that's organized, lawful, and otherwise legitimate;

  • So, for NFOJA members trying to overcome specific instances of judicial misconduct, a CFOJA provides a context for addressing their respective personal experience without making the meeting ALL about those personal hardships which may not otherwise interest many people;

  • NFOJA focuses on shifting America away from state judicial self-policing and maximizing the direct oversight average Americans have over all branches of U.S. state and federal government.  However, that is just one of several sound strategies for accomplishing appropriate judicial accountability in America.  Proponents of compatible initiatives are encouraged to attend CFOJAs and distribute their promotional material;


  • Every CFOJA is allotted time for "Special Presentations".  This is the standard opportunity in our CFOJA agenda for individuals to address even loosely relevant topics including personal difficulties as well as good government initiatives that are quite different from, but compatible with NFOJA;

  • NFOJA prepares its CFOJA hosts through brief online training sessions.  It's no more than 45 minutes;


  • CFOJA hosts are mailed a standard video to share at the gathering plus all the corresponding written material to distribute;   

  • There are no costs to host or attend a CFOJA except CFOJA hosts have the option of providing refreshments and/or securing facilities for their respective gathering that charge rental fees.  Incurring or not incurring those costs is totally at the discretion of our hosts.  It's perfectly acceptable to host a CFOJA without incurring any third-party costs;   

  • CFOJAs allow good government advocates to create or expand their own network of local people interested in helping ensure a fair and impartial administration of justice in America;


  • Anyone who is part of bringing NFOJA to his or her home state through a CFOJA and eventually their own State Council On Judicial Accountability is going to have more leverage during personal court proceedings than he or she would have otherwise;

  • A counterpart to active NFOJA membership can be creation of an "Eyes On" news Facebook page such as Eyes On Mississippi; and

  • Hosting a CFOJA is an inroad to receiving customized, case-focused advocacy spearheaded by NFOJA's sister organizations, all under the nonprofit corporate umbrella of National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc. @ http://www.njcdlp.org


If you are interested in hosting a CFOJA, please indicate as much in an email to forum@njcdlp.org  We'll take it from there.  Working with Meet Up, Facebook, and other online tools, NFOJA is determined to use the internet to get people off the internet and into their communities, working to help ensure a fair and impartial administration of justice in America!


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  • Sarah,

    please be sure to message us when you want to move forward

    in organizing a Community Forum On Judicial Accountability!


  • Hello Zena, everyone, I need to get going on having my states council on Judicial Accountability. With delays in my freedom as well as everyone's daily usual struggles dealing with L.A.S. etc I am WAY BEHIND on doing this and working on my page here. I'm FB banned so I can't follow the link here. Besides I believe this was part of our "assignment" this week. I'll also send an email, I hope everyone is staying safe.

    Sarah Kearney, Missouri No member since 2016
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