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As 2018 marches towards its close, the time has surely come for our iconic bald eagle to fix its sights on America's third branch of government, the judiciary.  Be it resolved that NFOJA, the National Forum On Judicial Accountability, is accordingly a society of good government advocates whose observations of and discourse on America's judiciary, significantly parallel the engagement of most U.S. voters on affairs of our country's executive and legislative branches of government.

So, are we simply to rant about U.S. lawyers, judges, and our discontent with specific case outcomes?  No, not simply that . . . which is no slight on venting.  But NFOJA devolving to primarily an outlet for frustration-and-hardship-induced ranting, belies a fair and impartial administration of justice in America.  Being denied and/or a supporter of others denied justice is not the beginning and end of what makes NFOJA members kindred spirits. 

While NFOJA is a longer-term U.S. judicial system reform initiative, the effort is also committed to helping its members and other allies accomplish prompt, meaningful, case-focused relief.  Of course, that truth is most apparent, and perhaps only apparent to advocates keen on identifying and resolving obstacles to achieving the referenced relief on a grassroots basis.  Others may look to NFOJA and/or similar groups for assistance without much if any regard for those daunting, but surmountable obstacles.  Alas, such is a formula for dashed-hopes.

Towards the end of identifying and resolving obstacles to prompt, meaningful relief for those enduring entrenched U.S. legal system abuse, NFOJA promotes accurate and balanced considerations of America's legal system, its proper operation, malfunctions, dysfunctions, and corruption.  It does so through four (4) official platforms:

  1. NFOJA's Facebook page - primarily for general public awareness, particularly of U.S. federal court developments speaking to the system's proper operation, malfunctions, dysfunctions, and corruption;
  2. NFOJA's Facebook group - primarily a venue for NFOJA supporters who are not directly impacted by entrenched U.S. legal system abuse to interact with/show support for NFOJA members who are contending with related violations;
  3. NFOJA on Ning (NFOJA's private social network) - This is where our group's most serious work should get done with like-minded, geographically coordinated members, in conjunction with Facebook and Twitter, but free from their censorship pursuant to which critical content can be deactivated without notice.  NFOJA on Ning is primarily a venue for NFOJA members to:
    • focus on state court developments speaking to the systems' proper operation, malfunctions, dysfunctions, and corruption.  [NFOJA on Ning features a RSS feed of "Gavel to Gavel", an award winning blog tracking state legislative developments related to corresponding state courts];
    • network with fellow state, city, and county residents;
    • showcase personal legal difficulties;
    • create awareness of lawful U.S. legal system reform efforts:  NFOJA focuses on reforming state judicial disciplinary processes and maximizing direct citizen oversight of America's judiciary.  Efforts addressing other aspects of U.S. legal system reform may be promoted on NFOJA's online page, groups, and networks.  However, use of those platforms for encouraging audiences to abandon as opposed to supplement their advocacy through NFOJA will not be indulged;
  4. NFOJA's Meet Up - this application is particularly useful for coordinating in-person meetings which are a key public awareness tool for NFOJA.  

If you are a NFOJA member enduring persecution through persistent U.S. legal system abuse, wouldn't it make sense to spend a significant amount of time each week communicating via NFOJA's Ning platform with like-minded reform advocates who live in your state, city, and/or county?

We ask if you are concerned enough about America's judiciary to visit a NFOJA online portal at least twice a week to read about and/or comment on relevant developments?

Are you concerned enough about America's judiciary to listen to a weekly internet radio broadcast hosted by NFOJA or one of its sister organizations?  If yes, kindly CLICK HERE to let us know.

Are you concerned enough about America's judiciary to look at a weekly television broadcast hosted by NFOJA and/or one of its sister organizations?  If yes, kindly CLICK HERE to let us know.

Are you concerned enough about America's judiciary to host or otherwise participate in a Community Forum On Judicial Accountability?  If yes, kindly CLICK HERE to let us know.

See you online or at the next CFOJA!

The National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB)

of National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA)   



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The various NFOJA groups are comprehensive in focusing on public awareness, supporters, developments, and meetings. 

Communicating on various levels: here local, county, and state is relevant and more effective than any one of these in isolation. Many system wide problems need efforts and resolution on various levels as system imposed abuse on any one level rarely exists in isolation and often is supported or overseen on other levels.

Delaware, during 12 years of a Republican Devil Incarnate of an Attorney General we suffered Fixed Juries. FAKE VIDEO and total denial of Delawares Constitutional and of the U.S Constitution. A "family" attorney had stolen my mothers Corporation, now he has Declared himself President and distributed proceeds of the corporation under the disguise of my grandmother who died penniless for all proceeds had been distributed under a old Orphans Court. He just uses the Courts as his desire for vendetta and hate drives him. Our Senate and House Deny me to address 2 Republican Leaders representing our District! Is this America?

William, it looks like you need to team with our members and allies addressing Probate Court and/or Adult Guardianship abuse.  We'll keep you updated on related efforts.


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