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National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) has a private social network (a/k/a Ning Community); is on Meetup; and has both a Facebook page and group. The “Welcome” page of its Ning Community commemorates that “Fall 2009 introduced to America our Community Forums On Judicial Accountability”. To be honest, NFOJA substantially stagnated afterwords as a legislative initiative.
Quests for judicial accountability are as fervent as ever in America, and NFOJA has been part of related dialogue for this last past decade. But good government advocates have been slow to embrace NFOJA’s unique brand of the concept.  It pushes pass vague inclinations to control judicial discretion or punish U.S. judges widely perceived as unethical.  Instead, NFOJA proposes that average Americans undertake the power reserved to them by our U.S. Constitution to conduct state judicial disciplinary proceedings independently, albeit under the auspices of state legislatures and in accord with due process.
Make Citizen Panels On Judicial Misconduct a Reality for Your State!
NFOJA is not the pursuit of an unbridled, wishful reshaping of America's legal or judicial system.  Its premises are well-researched and documented.  Its strategy for seeking enactment of a model "Citizen Panel On Judicial Misconduct Act" in each U.S. state begins with building public awareness through Community Forums On Judicial Accountability (CFOJAs) and expanding to State Councils On Judicial Accountability (SCOJAs) -- all under the watchful eyes but not stifling leadership of NFOJA Co-Administrators guided by the forum's National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB).
Host training and other preparation for CFOJAs are needed.  SCOJAs need to examine their respective state's current provisions for state judicial discipline as well as ballot initiatives so specific strategies for enacting NFOJA's proposed legislation can be devised.  There must be national and state focused fundraising as well as advertising to sustain NFOJA and its SCOJAs.  In the meantime, relevant trends, legislative developments, and NFOJA compatible efforts to maximize direct citizen oversight of government processes in America need to be monitored and addressed upon emerging.
Various forms of censoring by public networks such as Facebook are making it more essential for good government advocates to concentrate moves for enhanced citizen oversight of U.S. government on private community pages that are integrated with Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It was about this time last year when NFOJA's Ning Community was proclaimed to be Where Serious Citizen Oversight of America's Judiciary Happens!   So all those in fact serious about maximizing lawful, prudent, and otherwise sound, direct citizen oversight of America's judiciary, bring the discussion home to NFOJA's Ning Community and share it from there with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other online networks!

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The emphasis on direct citizen oversight is welcome, needed, and worthy of financial and other support.  As perhaps already noted, this represents a continuation of grand jury and trial jury origins with a focus on random selection and impartiality. 


The focus on meaningful citizen oversight with member support at local, county, and state level carries a positive message.  The system is less concerned with isolated advocacy but is more concerned with unity and potential for growth.


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