7966138065?profile=originalOn September 10, 2015, attorney Zena Crenshaw-Logal*, Executive Director of NFOJA's corporate sponsor and a NFOJA Co-Administrator, addressed what was described as the "Myth of America's Unaccountable Judiciary" during the first half of Progress In The World, an internet radio broadcast hosted by Walter Davis of Marketing Strategies of California.  If you have not already, please listen to the interview as a first step in joining this NFOJA discussion.  



In addition to posting whatever questions or comments you may have in response to Crenshaw-Logal's interview, please answer these questions in light of the views she shares during that Progress In The World interview: 

If you have been subjected to U.S. legal system abuse,

  1. are you addressing your related problems as a public policy matter pursuant to these or any other social justice initiative(s):

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    JEDI (Judicial Engineering Documented and Impeded)

    More Than Solomon Project

    NFOJA's Citizen Panels On Judicial Misconduct

    Plea for Justice Program

    Theatre for Justice

    The Third Degree

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  • your welcome.

  • thanks Mark that's good to know
  • well said friend you are in good hands with zena and her staff, they are very smart people and will fight like no other.

  • I listen to the podcast of the presentation I have now a much clearer perspective on the purpose of our individual engagement as it is significant to build this strong and powerful community and why it's so important that we keep fighting win or lose . Zena..... Thank you so much for laying things out so clearly in the first half of the show..... You described me and my situation mentally and emotionally and spiritually on point. I know now for sure then this is where I belong. I have been so skeptical and afraid to get close to anyone after being attacked in so many creative ways by the corrupted powers that be. That's why I have continued to do my work in spite of and without asking for the permission of any politicians or any established paid organizers in the organizing for action hierarchy. As a volunteer I have the freedom to do all those things and more as it relates to outreach efforts using social media or other forms of technology. I am NOT always in agreement with the agendas of the politicians from top to bottom and I make it very clear my opposition and find myself often supported by many people in subtle ways . That's not always a good thing for anyone who takes the stand then blows a whistle or two and you all already know this well. However you all know that it is very important that we expose the injustices, in our attempt to persuade others whom are not directly affected by the political corruption and judicial misconduct that takes place in this nation in order to generate a formidable community power base..... I wholeheartedly believe in this approach. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of this group.
  • i am thankful for all these groups, because you have fought harder for me than anyone else.

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