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Meet our NSMB [National Strategy and Management Board]

NSMB Members

as of  November 11, 2019:

Gordon L Wiborg Jr.
NSMB President

Brian Kinter,
First Vice President

Theresa Marasco,
Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian

Zena Crenshaw-Logal,

NSMB Executive Director

Ira Scott


John Drummond


James Kelly


This arm of NFOJA will help maximize the effectiveness of grassroots U.S. legal system reform efforts across America by, among other things, assisting their proponents with coordination, collaboration, and mutual support. It is NFOJA's National Strategy and Management Board (NSMB), and a response to rampant U.S. legal system abuse facilitated by unchecked judicial misconduct.




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Welcome to NFOJA's

exclusive and main online network!

Fall 2009 introduced to America our

Community Forums On Judicial Accountability


These free, approximately 1.5 hour sessions explore and expand upon the profound conclusion reached by a distinguished panel that “(r)estoring the Rule of Law when breached is an obligation of and should directly involve all Americans.”


Our Standard Agenda

1. Greetings and Meeting Overview by Local Host(s);

2. Standard CFOJA Video Presentation;

3. Audience Questions and Comments;

4. Special Presentation(s);

5. Audience Questions and Comments;

6. Audience Survey;

7. Meeting Wrap-up and Adjournment.


NFOJA Meet Ups



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Intro Remarks in Montana

Free Online Training!

NFOJA offers free online training for learning to:

  • host a Community Forum On Judicial Accountability (CFOJA);

  • document your exposure to The Third Degree or a similar denial of justice;

  • identify patterns to the obstacles we face in our quests for relief -- even in our brutal losses.

Legislative Developments on U.S. Courts

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