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Vineet Mansukhani

Vineet has a BE in Electrical Engineering from Andhra University, India and a MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. He has worked in the private sector for/with many large corporations like P&G, Anthem, Kroger, Convergys, AT&T, and Cincinnati Bell. He has operated his own business with employees and diversified into import/export business. He had two loving and gifted daughters.

The fruit of all his work was all taken away from him in a draconian, medieval, grotesque manner that severs family bonds completely violating human and constitutional rights. The judiciary’s own training states that the resulting stress is a premature death sentence for both the children and parents. This is widespread affecting nearly 30 million severely and a total of 60 million total in the US alone. 30 Million is 5 times the estimated holocaust victims.

Vineet is focused on bringing swift, lawful, and severe corrective action so that the world does not continue to permit yet another holocaust eclipsing the earlier holocaust in the number of victims.

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