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Sharon Noonan Kramer

I am sixty-one and live in California. I have a marketing degree. I published writing on the Internet in 2005.  It exposed how a scientific fraud wasmass-marketed into U.S. environmental health policies -- purposed to stave off insurer liability for their insureds’negligent causation of disability and death.

The CA courts have spent twelve years framing me for libel for the expose’and burying the direct evidence of falsified court documents to enable the fraud to continue.

There are fake-datedinterest accruing liens on my property. The courts obstruct their removal. To enable removal would spotlight that they have framed a person for libel to enable fraud from coast to coast. No one will prosecute them to make the fraud stop.

My goal is to cause equal justice for all bycausing policy changes: prosecution of court officers who commit felony acts in legal proceedings. Some call me "Woman with Stones".

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