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NFOJA Public Service Programs

April 2018 

At present, THE LAW PROJECT provides case-based assistance through four (4) public service programs listed below. An active link is embedded in each of the following program names. You can learn the criteria and steps for participating in these programs by clicking on their respective name.

Citizen Panels On Judicial Misconduct

Golden Badge

Plea for Justice Program (P4J)*

(JEDI) Judicial Engineering Documented and Impeded

In addition to the foregoing public service programs, THE LAW PROJECT offers free online training to:

  • host a Community Forum On Judicial Accountability (CFOJA);

  • match your facts with established patterns of U.S. legal system abuse;

  • patterns to the obstacles we face in our quests for relief -- even in our
    brutal losses.

To participate in our e-learning, please advise of your interest via email c/o

Your consideration is very much appreciated. We look forward to you following up on one or more of the above referenced programs.

*New cases are not being accepted at this time through P4J.

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