National Forum On Judicial Accountability

National Strategy and Management Board

As the National Strategy and Management Board of National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA), we are committed to helping:

1) ensure Judicial accountability throughout the United States Judicial System at all levels and all venues;

2) ensure the Judicial system, including all Officers of the Court, maintains and respects all Constitutional Rights, with adherence to Due Process, Equal Protection, and the Rule of Law;

3) ensure a Judicial environment where all parties are treated equitably, fairly, and respectfully; and

4) provide guidance for all parties involved;


A. Collaborating with other compatible Advocacy, Medical, Regulatory, Governmental and duly authorized Non-Governmental Organizations as well as private businesses and individuals;

B. Partnering with adherent functions of NFOJA; and

C. Helping attain and sustain an atmosphere of maximum Effectiveness and Efficiency among grassroots U.S. legal system reform advocates; and

D. Helping ensure that all county, state and federal agencies with investigative and prosecuting authority act on prima facie evidence of suspected violations of criminal law by one or more U.S. court officers and prosecute to help ensure due process in the courts.

Founding Members - June 2017:

  • Melissa Aragon

  • Elizabeth A. Benedetto

  • Walter Davis,
    Second Vice President

  • Theresa Marasco,
    Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian

  • Robin McIlvaine,
    Third Vice President


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