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Several months ago, our corporate sponsor introduced to America the concept of Judicial Engineering. The topic is addressed via a wiki, "a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users."  The wiki describes Judicial Engineering as a unique form of judicial misconduct in America.


It manifests in a variety of ways, but a consistent trait of Judicial Engineering is its resistance to appropriate correction and punishment.  And it may be or might become more virulent.  Increasingly U.S. state and federal judges seem free to devastate average Americans through judicial rulings that flagrantly disregard relevant facts and law.


When it launched in 2009, National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA) was a response to the failure of U.S. state and federal government processes to reasonably protect average Americans from serious abuses of America's legal system facilitated by judicial misconduct.  No one attributed underlying problems to Judicial Engineering at the time. Instead, NFOJA supporters and constituents repeatedly attested to the futility of resorting to judicial disciplinary agencies, legislators, prosecutors, and civil lawsuits for relief from legal system abuse.


So, did grassroots judicial reform succumb to the contagion that is Judicial Engineering?  Actually progress in that regard bogged down on all fronts due more to inertia.  No matter the proposed messaging, tactics, and strategies; no matter the promise of one grassroots judicial reform movement or another, they all faltered -- starved of predictable volunteer support and even meager financial contributions.


Starting May 2015, NFOJA will re-institute regular orientation for anyone and everyone wanting guidance on how to organize and host a successful Community Forum On Judicial Accountability. Feel free to contact us if you want additional details.  We are gearing up to continue encouraging America to seize upon and expand its appropriate opportunities for direct judicial oversight.  You say we'll be tilting at windmills ala Don Quixote?  Well, is not teaming up with the Man of La Mancha better than quietly watching direct citizen oversight erode in America through unwarranted judicial merit selections, and feigned by Blue Ribbon committees, graciously packed with government-picked lay people?


More to come!



NFOJA's main premise is that America's judiciary should not be the final arbiter of its own integrity. The group strives to shift America away from state judicial self-policing.  It does so through a legislative initiative to vest randomly selected, trained, and rotating panels of private citizens with responsibility for state judicial disciplinary processes. 

Rather than judicial misconduct or public corruption, NFOJA focuses on restoring the balance of power between America’s judiciary and its sovereign citizens -- a balance lost when judges essentially control all government processes by which their official conduct is evaluated.  




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Judicial Engineering is a valuable tool that clarifies some areas of judicial misconduct oftentimes written off as mere error sometimes even by some experienced attorneys. 

I think an important element to any such coalition and public complaint, is as many clear recent case studies of judges violating bright-line laws; as you say nothing can be done about it.

The example need to be sound-bite ready, and obvious without a need to go much into detail of the case.

I do have such a case, btw, where a family court judge has issued an ongoing restraining order preventing any contact with my daughter for two years, and he provides no basis or reasons for doing so, and I am a fit parent with no findings against me. I have requested some kind of contact 17 times now, and this judge will not provide what the law clearly demands, both state and federal.

Let me know if can provide my case, as an example you may need.

Hi Gary, your case may be an example of Judicial Engineering through Inappropriate Role Shifting and/or Unauthorized Rule Making.  You can review examples of this behavior and submit additional details about your own case via the links below:

Also, you may want to request review of your case via our private Citizen Panel On Judicial Misconduct.  You can learn more about that public service program and submit additional details via this link:

Thank you for your consideration and continued support.  We wish you all the best.

/s/ NFOJA Administrators

by:  Zena Crenshaw-Logal



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